"I entered the DwiPada Yoga Teacher Training program excited to begin a new journey and expand my knowledge of yoga. I was completely unaware of the transformation that would take place personally and in my life. Michele and Amy make an incredible team. They provide an excellent balance of philosophy, physiology, and support that produces quality teachers. Their knowledge, experience, commitment, and passion for yoga are the reasons I chose the DwiPada Teacher Training Program. Through their instruction, I was given the tools to help me establish a solid foundation as a yoga teacher for years to come. I will be forever grateful for the personal transformation that took place throughout this journey. I was not only given the opportunity to deepen my practice, but also learn so much about myself. This training was inspiring, educational, vigorous, and enjoyable. I am so glad I chose to be a part of The DwiPada Yoga Program!"

"DwiPada Yoga School is everything a yoga teacher training should be. It is, quite frankly, the best thing I've ever done. As a student, I felt motivated to go above and beyond what was asked of me, because I saw my teachers going above and beyond to make us the best yoga teachers we can be. The teachers put their hearts and souls into making this program educational, experiential, inspiring, and fun. They fostered a sense of community that I would not have imagined possible in a group of nearly a dozen strangers prior to the training. Their caring for us as individuals inspired us to care for each other. The 2-pillar format is ingenious, as it gave students a solid base in the Ashtanga primary series to apply to our vinyasa classes. Upon graduating, I had already been hired by a studio to teach both Ashtanga short form and vinyasa yoga, and it was thanks to the excellent preparation by my teachers that I was successful in my audition and now am getting repeat students and good feedback from my classes. I would enthusiastically recommend this training to anyone looking to teach yoga and make a career out of it."

"Training with DwiPada has been one of the hardest and best experiences of my life. The teachers take their subject very seriously and want the instructors they train to be the best in their field. Professionalism, empathy, and a deep knowledge of philosophy, pranayama, and asanas is covered very comprehensively with the understanding that the student will participate fully in their education. Every instructor was not only very experienced and knowledgeable but also made themselves accessible to all of the students inside and outside the classroom. You feel like DwiPada genuinely cares about you during and after your training."

"Completing the DwiPada 200 hour yoga teacher training was an empowering and life changing experience. The knowledge and confidence I gained in the last six months have led me to want to further a career and my education in this field."


"Amy & Michele are a pair to be reckoned with. They complement each other in style, knowledge and skilled instruction. This creates a balanced, safe learning space that will drive you to be the best teacher you can and instill a hunger to keep learning more."